Empowering Individuals and Ministries to fulfill their God given call!


We are a growing national network of Christians and Christian Organizations committed to discipleship of those not part of a local church or congregation into a deeper spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ through weekly meetings to learn, grow in faith, pray, praise, and worship the Lord God Almighty in Jesus’ name.

The individual member of SCC enjoy certain benefits and opportunities. 


  • Belonging to a growing movement of God's Love
  • Being part of His Family in the Tapestry of life
  • Knowing that you are part of His family living out His will on Earth as it is in heaven

As individuals your belong to the family of God that seeks to encourage, enhance and empower you to be all you are called to be. As a member of the family you enjoy building relationships with other families through small neighborhood Home Groups and local ministries of common interest.


  • Working with ministries that impact the local, national and global community
  • Educational Opportunities for the entire family, Private schools, Home schools, Vocational, College, Continuing education opportunities, certified and accredited.
  • Certification and ordination opportunities - Home Group Leader, Certified Deacon, Certified Elder, Ordained Elder, Licensed Minister, Ordained Minister, Consecrated Bishop, Home School Teacher, Certified Teacher, Certified Evangelist, Ordained Evangelist, Certified Prophet, Ordained Apostle


Our membership are individuals who are called of God to be part of His "Kingdom Come, His will be done on earth, as it is in Heaven".

To become a member of SCC involves your commitment.

Anyone registered and supporting SCC or one of it member organizations with a financial commitment, is considered a Member of SCC.

Our Individual Members are as follows:
  • General Member - a registered individual financially supporting SCC or one of its affiliate organization
  • Great Commission Member – is committed to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through participation and planting Home Groups and or beginning Congregations know as House Churches.
  • Home Group Leader – An individual who is functioning as an assistant Home Group Leader
  • Certified Home Group leader – An individual trained and certified to facilitate Home Group Meetings
  • Deacon - Disciplining Home Group Leader – A home group leader trained to facilitate meetings and facilitate studies and teachings
  • Elder – A certified Home Group leader Overseer – an experienced Home group Leader trained a certified to oversee Home groups and leaders
  • Ordained Elder – With privileges to Perform Services; Marriage, Funerals, Provides Certification of Home Group Leaders and Deacons
  • Teacher – Home School Teacher, Coach or Tutor
  • Certified Teacher – Certified for teaching Christian School
  • Licensed Minister – an associate pastor and overseer of Elders - With privileges to Perform Services; Marriage, Funerals, Certification of Home Group Leaders and Certification of Deacons, Licensed to Preach and Teach the Gospel
  • Ordained Minister – Installed as the Shepherd and Spiritual Director of a Congregation (Pastor)
  • Bishop – a regional overseer of congregations and Independent Home Groups and House Churches – A licensed Minister Consecrated as a Bishop
  • Evangelist - Licensed and Ordained; to preach and teach and assist pastors in evangelism or evangelistic activities
  • Prophet – Certified – an individual that has demonstrated the gift of the prophet
  • Apostle – Has demonstrated the apostolic anointing and is Consecrated as an apostle
SCC Membership
Great Commission Members
Home Group Leader
Independent House Church
Organization Affiliate Members
Licensed or Ordained Affiliates
Great Commission Members

Individuals who usually participate in our small group ministry with the intent of fulfilling the Great Commission found in Matthew 28.

Great Commission Members is provided Spiritual Discipleship through either directly by a home group leader or through our online discipleship program and online video group meetings.

To become a Great Commission Member Register and complete the Great Commission Commitment Pledge.

Individual Down Load Application - On-Line Application

Home Group

A Home Group is part of the SCC accountability oversight with the intention of discipleship, leadership growth and multiplying new Home groups under as found in Exodus18:13-27.

Leaders are trained and certified disciple makers.

To become a Home Group and part of the SCC family complete the following application.

Home Group Leader Application

Independent House Church Association

A independent House Church is an association related to but not under the accountability structure of SCC.

The primary purpose is where a small group of individuals are looking to form a Congregation of Home Groups but are not to the point of incorporating.

To become a Home Group or House Church complete the following application and submit an administrative setup fee.

House Church Membership Application

Organization Affiliate Members

Organizations who are subordinate Non-Profit organizations under our Group 501c3. Each organization is autonomous and is designated a 501c3 under it's own EIN. These organizations are separated into three divisions.

  • Congregations or Churches,
  • Educational,
  • Missions, Ministries and Social Enterprise

To Become an Organization affiliate complete the appropriate application and agreement. There is a $200.00 application fee.

Congregation Membership Application On-Line Application

Educational Organization Application On-Line Application

Missions or Ministry Application On-Line Application

Social Enterprise Application On-Line Application

Licensed or Ordained Affiliates

Licensed and Ordained Ministers who may work in SCC or another Christian Ministry are known as Individual Affiliates.

To be come a licensed Minster of the Gospel complete the following application and submit it with a $200.00 application fee.

Ordination or Recognition of Ordination Application - Instructions Personal Profile Thesis of Faith Ministry Profile