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Benefits-USA is an exciting program to address some of the increasing challenges to the financial security and medical welfare of believers today. This program will help you, your family or your business as you encounter the attacks on your personal life or your business coming from a number of directions!

The selected programs here are from industry-leading benefit providers into an affordable, integrated package that is made available in an efficient web-based program.

The Benefits-USA Program resulted from an intensive analysis of the many threats facing Americans and their families today and an effort to develop a package of non-health insurance benefits to counter those threats. The selection criteria was a combination of demonstrated real need and high value for the benefit cost.

We think of the program as a Family Lifestyle Protection Program and is available on either an Individual, Family or Employer-Paid basis.


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Rx Help Centers is a drug advocacy program dedicated to helping the consumer get the best price on all of your medications. Our expert team will help you receive the lowest prices for all of your name brand medications.

Our service will compliment any exiting coverage that you already have. Whether you are insured, uninsured , underinsured or Medicare, we can help.  Register for free at

Our customers receive assistance for only a nominal charge with NO LIMIT on the number of medications that we can help with.

With thousands of name brand and generic medications, we can help you and your family maximize your savings on prescription medications. With Rx Help Centers, never pay full price again!

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