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Fellowship of Colleges, Universities & Schools

The FOCUS division of Seminary Covenant Community exists to serve those members whose vision is primarily on Christian Education.  In addition to providing qualification policies for SCC’s Educational Division, the mission of FOCUS is to develop and establish certification, accreditation criteria, and operational guidelines for our educational membership organizations.  Through collaboration and networking together, the educational membership team enhances one another by providing the guidelines necessary for a successful endeavor in Christian Education and ensuring compliance with regulatory agencies.

Remaining in compliance with Seminary Covenant Community and all state regulatory agencies is essential.  In order to remain compliant with SCC, the FOCUS educational membership team will advise member organizations with the following: 

  • Current 990 return
  • Current 501(c)3 documentation
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Annual Corporate Report 
  • Liability Insurance Policy
  • Corporation By-Laws

In order to remain compliant with the State Department of Education, the FOCUS educational membership team requires member organizations to comply with all regulations including:

  • Current Annual Report 
  • Current Compliance Documentation
  • Current Health documentation 
  • Current Fire Inspection showing no violations
  • Latest Radon Testing Results 
  • Published Fee Schedule 
  • Background Reports on Employees and Volunteers 
  • Copy of Surety Bond (if applicable)

The FOCUS division also assists member organizations to achieve and maintain educational standards by providing critical resources.  Academic resources include Entrance/Academic Diagnostic Exams, Attendance Records, Standardized Testing, Curriculum, Grading Methods, Credit Recovery (for High School), and School Clubs and Activities.  Enrollment resources provided by FOCUS includes Records Keeping, Daily Scheduling, Availability of Counselors, Tuition Contracts, Parental Agreements, Student Handbooks, and Disciplinary Policies.

Dr. David Bradford has been an educator since 1970 and has served in a variety of teaching, administration, and federal service duties.  Dr. Bradford was assigned to the faculty at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service to teach and lecture in the Global Studies program with the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in English/Journalism (Texas State University), a Master’s degree in Public Administration (University of Northern Colorado) and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership (University of Central Florida). Dr. Bradford has taught and administered education programs from kindergarten to graduate school and is currently on the faculty of Barry University. He is married to Dr. Deborah Bradford, Director of Admissions-Regional Campuses, at the University of Central Florida.

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