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A “Ministry” as defined by Seminary Covenant Community is an organization that has a long-term focus on a specific population or social need.  In its truest form, a ministry is any activity carried out by Christians to express or spread their faith.  Simply put, it is the continuation of Jesus Christ’s mission and ministry in the world.

Though they may not fully realize it, all Christians have a ministry.  Typically, it is synonymous with their individual purpose or ideal.  Under SCC guidelines, a Ministry is a particular organization or group of people under the guidance and direction of an individual leader with a specific purpose and vision.  That vision focuses on a unique call of God other than evangelism and/or the building of a local church congregation.

Ministries in SCC can signify their ideal activity as a whole, as particular activities of individuals within that whole, or as smaller groups working within a larger organization dedicated to those specific activities.  The vision and function of these activities may be directed toward the local community (or a broader regional area), toward the national community, or toward the global community.   They be directed at fellow believers in Christ, or at non-believers and those who have not yet realized that God loves them.

Regardless of the specific activity, the Ministry must be Christ centered, and the person or persons leading the Ministry must be called by God to perform the work of that Ministry.  While the zeal of a new believer is always refreshing, the leadership of the Ministry must not be a new Christian.  There must be an adequate number of years demonstrating the walk of a born-again believer.  For that reason, those desiring to form a Ministry in SCC will be asked to serve for a time under a pastor, mentor, or spiritual leader in order to evaluate and verify the call of God on their lives.  (This is based on the scriptural principle of knowing those who labor among us.)  Ministry applicants must also support and be wholeheartedly committed to covenant group life and practices through their participation in a Home Group or “House Church”.

Matthew Wichmann is Vice President of the Ministries division of Seminary Covenant Community and has served SCC for three years.  Matthew is Pastor of Ambassador Christian Accademy, working with their students and parents. 

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Is an individual who is called to a specific vocation or work.

A vocation (Latin vocātiō - a call, summons) is a term for an occupation to which a person is specially drawn or for which he or she is suited, trained, or qualified. Though now often used in non-religious contexts, the meanings of the term originated in Christianity.   Reprint from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

SCC offers training through its Educational Division Ministry preparation. 

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