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A “Missions” endeavor as defined by Seminary Covenant Community is an organization with the primary objective of reaching or evangelizing a demographic population, region, or country, and whose specific focus is short term projects.  The Missions division of SCC acts as overseer of the organizations and respective members thereof, providing assistance to them as requested.

SCC has a variety of Missions organizations, many of which are seeking to expand participation to new members.  Some of our member organizations focus on specific missions work and are comprised of smaller groups with a specific purpose or function.  This may involve sending individuals and groups to foreign countries as well as to locations here in America.  The purpose of a Missions organization may include evangelism, humanitarian work, rescue and relief efforts, or community improvement. Typically, these types of functions are either event driven or planned outreaches.

The Home Groups and House Churches within SCC should all have a “missions mentality” and practice that is directed toward their local community.  While they may choose to contribute a portion of their funds to a particular organization as part of their Missions focus, this practice should not replace efforts of outreach and evangelism in their local neighborhood.

Regardless of the specific activity, the Missions organization must be Christ centered, and the person or persons serving in leadership must be called by God.  While the zeal of a new believer is always refreshing, the leadership of the Missions organization must not be a new Christian.  There must be an adequate number of years demonstrating the walk of a born-again believer.  For that reason, those desiring to form or participate in a Missions organization in SCC will be asked to serve for a time under a pastor, mentor, or spiritual leader in order to evaluate and verify the call of God on their lives.  (This is based on the scriptural principle of knowing those who labor among us.)  Missions applicants must also support and be wholeheartedly committed to covenant group life and practices through their participation in a Home Group or “House Church”.

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SCC provides training for missionaries and networks with other mission groups and organizations.

We have mission groups that will be happy for you to come and serve in their work.

Other mission work can be arranged to other countries or within the US.

Instructions and application for Leaders HERE