Empowering Individuals and Ministries to fulfill their God given call!



Seminary Covenant Community was founded in 1976 in New York by a group of ministers desiring to build small group house churches. As they meet they grew in faith and love for the LORD they went to be ministers in other Christian organizations. The head quarters moved to Florida in 1982 with Dr. Francis Bradley where he continued in small group ministries.

In 1989 Paul Rosbury joined Seminary Covenant Community seeking a covering to do ministry and have biblical accountability. Paul was Ordained in May of 1989 and began his ministry as the Lord called.

His first call was to plant small groups in a place neighborhood called Midway Colony. God blessed the work and it was transformed from a drug infested, crime ridden neighborhood in to a safe place for people to raise children and live their life in Jesus. At the same time a sister church came along side Whole Loaf Christian Center with Dr. Tony Fadely. Tony had been a missionary to Liberia West Africa and was seeking a covering and accountability.

From there Pastor Paul continued in other ministries, Hungry and Homeless, Substance abuse recovery, Welfare reform, and planting small groups.

In 1998 Seminary Covenant Community obtained a Group exemption 501c3 and began accepting applications from persons and ministries who desired organizational membership and biblical accountability.

In 2001 Pastor Paul Rosbury became President and Spiritual Director under his direction SCC has grown and become a network of Ministries, Churches and Pastors striving to fulfill their call from God.

In 2012 SCC acquired a 2.9 acre site with an existing Church, Education Building and parsonage for its World Headquarters.


We look forward to the return of Jesus Christ. However until He comes we continue to serve and expand the ministry he has given us.

In 2013 we are establishing the first Ministry Incubator. This is a place where individuals and ministries can have location, a low cost facility and educational opportunities to grow and learn what Jesus has called them to be and do.

Looking to establish more house churches or home groups and provide distance learning and guides on How to Start and manage small churches or non-profit organizations.

Building a Educational Accreditation program, known as Christian Focus (Fellowship of Colleges Universities and Schools),  for educational ministries from pre-k thru Grade 20.