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The purpose of our Scholarship and Endowment programs is to ensure our future leaders have the highest quality education available to them. We provide Scholarships for Christian Colleges and University students and Graduate students.

*College Scholarships are only when funding is provided and available.

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  • FOCUS - Fellowship of Colleges Universities and Schools Application

Colleges and Universities

Submit "A Funding Availability Request"

FOCUS Collage Scholarship
PO BOX 360565
Melbourne Florida, 32936-0565


Please Provide a copy of your;

  • High School Transcript
  • College Transcript
  • 3 References
  • Your Christian Testimony
  • Your Career Goals
  • Purpose - I exist to serve by
  • Vision - The big picture of you goals
  • Plan to achieve - How you will get there
  • Value - Whats the value when you have accomplished your goal. To you, to your family and to the community


Academy Scholarships

We are now assisting with scholarships for Classical Conversation Student tuitions.

Scholarships are only when funding is provided and available.

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