Empowering Individuals and Ministries to fulfill their God given call!



Pastors_Conf.JPGSeminary Covenant Community (SCC) is an association of individuals and organizations with the purpose of empowering individuals and ministries to be all that God has called them to be. We are accountable to one another and, based in the Old and New Testament scripture working together to fulfill Jesus ministry and fulfill the Great Commission to go and make disciples of all nations. 

SCC is organized in Six Divisions of Ministry. 

  • Covenant Community Fellowships
  • FOCUS - Fellowship of Colleges, Universities and Schools
  • Missions,
  • Ministries
  • SEDI - Social Economic Development Initiative
  • Great Commission Members (General Membership)

Our prayer is for you to be, all that you can be in Christ Jesus. We pray that you are empowered and that if you desire a home ministry you might ask God and seek us to be your home organization. If you are called by God to minister or to a ministry we are here to serve.

We offer

  • 501c3 exemption to a member organization
  • Ordination and Ministry Certification
  • Spiritual Direction through prayer and experience.
  • Counsel to start-up ministries and organizations
  • Resources for building your organization or Ministry

We provide:

  • Spiritual Accountability
  • A Organizational Biblical Structure
  • Continued support, resources and encouragement

We work together in the Body of Christ, not as a denomination but as believers working together to bring others to Jesus Christ as savior. This is accomplished through small home group, house churches each having a mission and or a ministry.

Great Commission Members are members of one our member organizations or are part of Covenant Community Fellowships. They are organized in small groups located in local neighborhoods. They pray for their neighbors, and are focused on community needs or services.

Organization Affiliates serve independently in many communities as organized Non-Profit corporations or associations such as Churches, Congregations, House Churches, Educational Institutions, Missions, Ministries and Social Enterprise with the intent of serving in local, national or global communities.

Independent Affiliates of Seminary Covenant Community reach many people for Jesus Christ in Local National and World communities. Ordained Ministers and Pastors function as independent ministers under the Spiritual Direction of Seminary Covenant Community.

Membership applications are available on line (See the Division you are interested in) or can be download below and submitted by mail. The process provides accountability and assurance of Biblical authority.

General Membership

Great Commission Members

Home Groups  Christian Congregations  Educational Institutions  Missions, Ministries Social Enterprise

Ministry License or Ordination

Ministry License or Ordination


Found in Exodus Chapter 18

Our Primary Ministry - Covenant Community Fellowships (Home Groups) consists of 3-15 Individuals with one person (1) serving as Leader. The leader is certified as Deacon after completing SCC Home Group Leader training. (Over ten)

A Spiritual Elder disciples and oversees 5 Home Group Leaders (Deacons). Usually this is a person who has grown 4 or more groups and trained 3 or more leaders. (Over 50)

An Associate Pastor is licensed, disciples and oversees 5 Elders, Over 100 Hundreds)  An Assistant Pastor is is ordained and is preparing to become a Pastor of a congregation. This person is mentored by a Senior Pastor. (Over 100 Hundreds)

A Pastor is a person called by God, Ordained and through Gods Grace has become an overseer of 5 local Licensed or Ordained Pastors. These Pastors are being equipped to become a Pastor over a congregation of Covenant Community Fellowships or Home groups. (Over 1000 Thousands)

SCC provides the training and equipping for these certified and ordained ministers to apply Click Here.