Empowering Individuals and Ministries to fulfill their God given call!

Small_group_study.jpg What is a disciple?

Are you a believer in Jesus of Nazareth as the Messiah? Than you are part of the Body of Christ. Are you a disciple of Jesus Christ? Would you like to be?

Be Part of - or Plant a Home Group Today!

Univ_diploma.jpgEveryone is called!! Few are Chosen!! 

Seminary for us is a school of Faith Building. Learning with practical application in your life and family. Do you know who you are in Christ? Allow God to grow you in the Body of Christ. See Him change individuals, families, neighborhoods and the world.

Racer.jpgSeasoning the Saints

Seasoning of the Saints is a series where you learn how to walk with the Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God the Creator of all things. Now is the time for you to be free in a lost and hurting world where you can change the world.


Discipleship; Become a disciple of Jesus Christ!

Discipleship is the key to learning what God has for you, your family and your community. Begin the Discipleship Journey Today! Join a Discipling group today!

Life Eternal is Trusting In Christ!

Knowledge brings Freedom and  Power!

Know the Truth! And Be Free!

You have a friend in Jesus!


The definition of Seminary: A school for training Spiritual or Religious leaders

Seminary Covenant Community is training individuals and families to be Spiritual Leaders in there community. Equipping the saints for the work of the ministry is our primary function. We are more than an educational organization we disciple our members in practical Christianity, that is to live their lives in community. The Bible teaches us that we are part of the Priesthood of Believers. As followers of Jesus Christ we have the responsibility to be leaders and to disciple;

  • first our families,
  • second our friends,
  • third our community

and to be in relationship with The Father Son and Holy Spirit. and with one another.

Home Groups

We are organized through committed to Home Groups our  vision is to network believers and reach the lost through the small group method. For more information click here to Congregations


Many are called few are chosen. We recognize that all people are called to be disciples of Jesus Christ but few are called to be leaders and disciple other in the way we should live our lives. As a n individual grows in faith and trusts in Jesus they also may be called to a leadership function as He directs us.

We desire to empower those who are called to fulfill their God given call. We recognize functions in the Body of Christ and offer Certification, license, ordination, commissioning and the assistance to begin a ministry organization if the individual is so called.

Our discipleship strategy enables the individual to grow spiritually and functionally in their own community. It is like attending an educational institution in your home or community with practical experience along the way.



Seminary Covenant Community is an emerging community that meets the needs of a mobile society with a biblical foundation for today’s times. Our model is based on the small community that is networked together for communication and relationship building.

Unlike the traditional faith community we strive to disciple people where they are in their home, their neighborhood, the workplace. We provide a discipleship structure for growth in faith, accountability, and a support network for life in a changing community.

Our model accommodates the growth of the individual, their family and the opportunity to become all that God created you to be.


 Welcome to Seminary Covenant Community

Thank You for Visiting our website. We are here to serve you and Love you as God has taught us to. To Love God and One another as Jesus commanded.
Our web site is continually growing as well as our membership.

The question is "What has God has called you to be or do?"

Whatever it is, we at SCC are here to help you fulfill God's call. Please surf our web site you may find what you are looking for. If  you have any questions send us an email. We have several newsletters coming out soon. You might be considering further education, start a Ministry or providing a social need, which ever we can help you. Today!!
You might consider becoming a member or start a small group we provide spiritual accountability and 501c3 covering. 

You can make an application to us today!! We will evaluate your call; provide you with covering and Biblical accountability. 

Accept your call today and be part of God's larger family.

The Father say's ask and it will be given, seek and you will find.
Be blessed today and every day.

Dr. Paul Rosbury, PhD, President and Spiritual Director

Loving Everyone as Jesus Loved US!!

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2017 Annual Convocation  September 29 and 30, 2017

Friday Evening and all day Saturday concluding with Ordinations and Awards.

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